Welcome to
Everbrite Jewellery

Welcome to Everbrite Jewellery

If you’re ready to step into a new era of luxury, Everbrite Jewellery is exactly where you need to be. Combining intricate design sensibilities with cutting-edge technology, at Everbrite, we create meaningful pieces of lab grown diamond jewellery, each with a story of its own.

Our skilled craftsmen work their artistry to create eco-conscious jewellery pieces that each house an exceptional, glittering centre stone, that represents YOU.

From everyday classics and contemporary designs to spunky festive jewels and flawless engagement rings, Everbrite’s locally manufactured and proudly Indian jewellery is designed for the young at heart, with spirits that shine ‘Evebrite-ly’.


We'd love to take you through our collections, where multiple styles in numerous designs are thoughtfully grouped together to ease your shopping experience.
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