About Us

Nestled in the iconic diamond jewellery district of Opera House Mumbai, Everbrite Jewellery is a new-age start up brand that offers modern lab grown diamond jewellery for all those who are looking to step into a new era of affordable luxury.

Founded in November 2020, Everbrite combined technology and contemporary design to bring to life, one-of-a-kind diamond jewellery that supersedes the conventional. Being the more sustainable and affordable choice, Everbrite’s lab grown diamond jewellery is artfully crafted to make purchasing diamond jewellery not just a dream, but instead a reality.

From everyday wear classics like crown set tennis bracelets, round cut and fancy stud earrings, to statement making pieces such as one carat graduation necklaces, engagement rings, bridal wear and never-seen-before eternity ring designs, Everbrite is a one-stop-shop for all your diamond jewellery needs.

Avant-garde technology. Gorgeous designs. Skilled craftsmanship. Dazzling lab grown diamonds. Customer centric. Eco-Conscious. That’s the essence of Everbrite Jewellery.


Everbrite Jewellery is all about Quality and Value. We offer an unmatched level of service, for we know what you want. Read on and you will be pleasantly surprised.


We promise to enhance your glam factor with the best quality jewellery – each piece goes through a multi-layer check before delivery to ensure that we surpass industry standards.


Only the finest lab grown diamonds find a home in our dazzling jewellery. They’re lovingly created, carefully chosen and exceptionally set. The EB Certification ensures that you require no other assurance. It’s a 360º assurance for your precious piece.

Secure Delivery:

Beautifully designed. Carefully selected by you. Meticulously brought to life. We know how eagerly you’re waiting to put on the final masterpiece. That’s why we’ve tied up with the best to ensure that it reaches your hands safely.

7-Day Returns:

Our promise to you doesn’t end at delivery. We offer a 7-day money back return policy on jewellery pieces upto Rs 1,00,000/-, no questions asked.

Exchange And Buyback Policy:

As a part of our belief that you deserve the best at a great value, you can avail a ONE time 100% exchange on any jewellery purchased from Everbrite Jewellery within 365 days from invoice date.

Additionally, if you wish to return any piece within 365 days from purchase we offer you a buyback policy for up-to 80% of the invoice value.

Beyond the first year of purchase and upto 3 years, exchange for any piece would be facilitated at up-to 80% of the invoice value.

For all returns, exchanges and buybacks the jewellery should be accompanied with the original invoice, Loose diamond certificate (wherever applicable), Everbrite certificate of authenticity and in normal wear and tear condition where the piece is not altered or damaged.

EB Cares

We’re for brighter lives and brighter smiles.

Everbrite Jewellery is lovingly crafted to make your everyday moments special and your special moments extraordinary.

Our diamonds are grown and nurtured in the most environmentally conscious manner. Although lab grown, all of our treasured diamonds reflect the magmatic spirit of their naturally formed counterparts. A brilliant facet of our commitment to preserving the Earth, these lab grown diamonds are carefully selected and set in stunning designs for you.

All Everbrite decisions are based on conscious efforts to brighten the world, one step at a time. Our promise is all encompassing – whether in thought or actions. From the stationery we use to the packaging you receive your jewellery in and everything in between, we’re moving towards a radiant future.

Empowered as we are, we want to look beyond the present, towards creating a greener tomorrow. Each piece of jewellery we sell is accompanied with the planting of a sapling, fostered with love and care.

We’re for a brighter future. We’re Everbrite Jewellery.